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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 19, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PST

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top stories we are following on this thursday december 19th.
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loved ones gather at a church vigil for a 13-year- old girl on life support. after her tonsil surgery takes a tragic turn. we'll have the latest on the story. and progress is being made in fighting the big sur fire. we'll tell you when crews
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hope to have it fully contained. plus. the search continues for the mega millions winner who bought their ticket from a store in san jose. the bay area is anxious to hear their story. this just in to kron 4.. a car crash has ignited a two-alarm fire at a gas station in east oakland this morning. it happened just before 2:30 at a 76 gas station at 98th and edes avenue. firefighters have contained the fire. they're still on scene investigating. we have a crew there, as well, and will bring you a live report later this hour.
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family, friends and the well-wishers held a vigil held for a 13-year-old teenager on life support. its been nearly a week since jahi mcmath went into children's hospital oakland for a routine tonsillectomy and ended up on life- support. hundreds of supporters gathered at paradise baptist church in oakland last night to show their respect and to partake in a vigial. cameras were not allowed but when the vigil was over, jahi's mother came out and spoke about her daughter. break down scott rates pkg please. family, friends and well- wishers join a vigil at an oakland church. for the 13- year-old teenager on life- support due to a surgery gone wrong. jahi mc-math went into the oakland children's hospital for a tonsilectomy. she never woke up from surgery. her family says, it is time to "let god work." and part of that work came in the prayers from the community. kron-4's scott rates has more. its been nearly a week since jahi mcmath went into oakland children's hospital for a routine tonsillectomy and ended up on life- support. tonight hundreds of supporters came here to the paradise baptist church in oakland to show the respect and to partake in a vigial. cameras were not allowed inside however after that it was over jahis mother came out and spoke about her daughter. after the mother was done speaking, the family attorney came out and talked about what's next for him.
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the vigial lasted about an hour that's what everybody start coming out of the doors. the family is calling on the hospital to show more compassion that was a direct quote. i'm also told by the family attorney that the next step for them will be to try to recover jahis medical records. the family is asking the hospital to show more compassion. the family's attorney says the next step for them will be to try to recover jahi's medical records. over one-thousand firefighters continue to battle a wildfire in big sur. fire official say the blaze is now 74-percent contained. the fire has destroyed more than a dozen homes and burned one-and-a-half square miles. the blaze began sunday and has been fueled by dry vegetation and winds. fire crews hope to have the fire contained by friday. to those who've waited...
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a man and woman were held up in an armed robbery in berkeley saturday morning. just after midnight the pair was walking near derby street and hillegass avenue when two men approached them from behind. one of the suspects pushed the female victim and grabbed her purse. one of the suspects then struck the man with the gun and stole his property. the victims suffered minor injuries during the robbery.
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smith ahead been bombed and
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end the unrest
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we will take a break at 425. at more news in a minute.
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they're turning the program for the needy and to a program for the greedy. every year they have out bags of groceries for people in need and that's a good thing. but after some people get the backs of free food they quickly sell the contents of the back for about $5. i know what you're thinking. it's to their backs, they can do whatever they want and you are correct except. let's look at what's happening here. now this lady folding up the back that was given. two she knows it's me recording and tries to hide the back. notice there are about five backs they're not including
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the folded one. what is happening is people are getting in line multiple times to get their free bags of food. they carry backpacks and suitcases so they can off load their gains and return and line. and then take out the unwanted items. >>: we have a lot of people here in san francisco that are really hungry and they could use that food. >>: but it gets worse. some food never makes it to anyone table. instead some will end up in landfills. see these ladies by the garbage can, they are tossing what they don't need or can't sell. i wish you multiple cans of food for the needy thrown away and that's if that's not the purest form of people behaving badly i don't know purest form of people behaving badly i don't know wto those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear...
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we are back. it is 430. our
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developing story this morning is the secret service. they say it's investigating a credit card data that at target stores that took place between thanksgiving and possibly as late as this past sunday. kron4's will tran joins us live now with the latest. >>will: you can see behind me that's the target store in emeryville and now we are talking possibly 40 million victims. this could involve a group of people. they just don't know. this is so sophisticated but its nationwide. 1800 target stores. you could be impacted so you are advised. online at and check to see if anyone it used your credit card on authorized. they believe this is happening at the physical target store itself. ironically, there's always fear about shopping online. none of the online shopping that they've done with target has been affected. it's just zero stores if you come here during those dates
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between thanksgiving black friday and last sunday a couple of days ago. if you went shopping, you better be careful grid check on line. if you are a bit from your perch to that contact target, as well as your credit card and bank just let them know what's going on. to get the procedure going to you can get your money back. here's reaction from a security expert coming up later at 5:00. >>james: tough to hear during the holidays. let's get on to weather. erica has our forecast. >>erica: the morning james. we were talking about it when the advisory. it looks like the majority of these lands are actually approaching from the west. although we do have wind advisories for the east west bridges you probably won't feel it as you drive across the span. you notice the strongest winds are coming off the coastal waters. half moon bay 25 mi. per hour sustained when to their pre it i did check to
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see where we are seeing the strongest gus right now. here are the big numbers. 24 mi. currently half moon bay gus of 35 mi. per hour. very gusty conditions. the land will continue as we head into the afternoon we do have wind advisories posted for the north bay mountains, east bay hills diablo range. with this we could see gusts in excess of 65 mi. per hour. it will be when the pretty much throughout the entire day. down trees with debris and the road. . keep this in mind as you're heading out to work or school this morning and if you see any interesting pictures as you head out be sure to send us an e-mail. breaking news a kron4 dot com. here's a look at futurecast 43 in august
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by 12:00 lunch time pretty windy conditions up in the north bay. you notice the land will only increase throughout the day. for this afternoon we are talking 80 mi. per hour sustained winds in san francisco. 21 mi. per hour winds in concord. 42 m.p.h. winds and the livermore valley looks like us between 20 and 30 mi. per hour. that the wind advisory expires this morning but we will be dealt with fairly windy conditions. the win tonight will taper off and that still air will allow for frigid conditions overnight. here's a look at your temperatures. 40 degrees in hayward. sunnyvale year at 32 degrees. as we head into the afternoon mail the upper 50s out there. today it will be cooler to yesterday. 58 for those of you in livermore his 7 day around
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the bay forecast shows cool conditions will continue into tomorrow but at least we don't have the breeze to deal with. looks like we will see a string of sunshine that will carry us into christmas day. more details on your holiday forecast momentarily. and the mean time, but take a look at paroled street we do have wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. if this was a northerly went we would release the and affect driving across the span but because the weather coming from the west you really won't feel it. . most of this traffic is coming from the e shore freeway. when the advisory also an effect for the san mateo bridge. looks like you're good to go with a drive time is 12 to 13 minutes. as it took a look at a traffic maps now delays there.
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>>james: the state is facing the possibility of a third straight dry winter. governor jerry brown has greeted a drought task force. it is designed to prepare the state for possible water shortages next summer. right now, meteorologist at the national weather service is looking back in san francisco over the past 50 or 60 years and the so- called look for years, what types of rain fall have we seen for the bay area. about half the time when we having to your like we've seen less
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than normal rainfall. so fortunately, some of the trend for this year are showing less than normal rainfall. experts say also warns that long-term forecasting is still not an exact science. california could still see some of the killing fog. the christmas travel season is underway at sfo. friday is expected to be the busiest travel day of the christmas holiday season. and today is set to be the second busiest day. numbers show there are also more people travelling this year than last. more than 121 -thousand people were projected to travel
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through s-f-o yesterday. that number is up from 106- thousand travelers last year. delta airlines says it will not allow passengers to make voice calls from its planes. c-e-o richard anderson says the airline's frequent filers believe that voice calls in the cabin would disrupt the overall travel experience. the c-e-o also says, delta employees are against in- flight phone calls. the f-c-c is considering lifting the ban on voice calls on planes-- however, the transportation department is considering instituting a ban of its own.
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the secret service says it's investigating a credit card data theft at target stores. kron4's will tran is live and we will be back
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is the season to see what's been trending during the past year. the popular file sharing app instagram is really catching on. the facebook on the company has released its most frequently is the brand--instagrammed places for 2013. this place is disney world in orlando. a fourth the blotchy of fountains in vegas. -- bellagio fountains in vegas. third, here in california disneyland. second is times square in new york. and topping the list is siam paragon in bangkok. the bay area was left off the list. san francisco came in at no.
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10. the agency that runs the state's health insurance exchanges scrambling to correct a technical problem that left it blank spaces in eligibility notices mailed to nearly 114,000 households. this led to consumer confusion just days ahead of the application deadline. the botched notices were mailed between november 22nd and december 7th. they went to people what signed up under the state's rollout of the federal affordable care act and were deemed eligible for coverage. in some cases, the notices said the applicant was eligible for coverage but not eligible for something else. a former star basketball player has made it through adversity and is giving back to bay area children. recent cal berkeley graduate tierra rogers' father was murdered while outside one of her high school basketball games. it happened 20 months before she found out she had a heart condition that would
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force her to stop playing the sport she loved. tech junkies rejoice. apple is set to drop its new mac parole today. ---mac pro. the newest incarnation of apple's high-end desktop computer is a silver and black soil under the stands less than 10 in. tall. the macro is intended for high power user such as graphic designers and videographers. featuring a range of intel xeon processors, the model is three times faster than its three year-old professor. but you pay for all that power. the cost of the new mac starts up at around $3,000. apple says the macro was designed and manufactured in the u.s.. -- mac pro.
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the federal communications commission is thinking about scrapping an old rule about what sporting events are shown on tv. the so-called " black out " rule prevents television outlets from paring gains in the home team market if the game is not sold out read the rule was designed to discourage local fans from watching games at home rather than going to the game. the blackout rule mostly applies
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to nfl games but few games these days don't sellout so the rule rarely applies. the sec is asking for public feedback on whether the rule is still necessary. the nfl released a statement saying it strongly opposes any change to the rule. forbes magazine rates taxes as the most valuable college football team in the country for the fifth straight year. the magazine values the longhorns at $139 million almost 20 percent more than #dame and number two. the irish are valued at 117 million. alabama rose from sixth to third at 110 million followed by sec rival l s u. michigan is fifth.
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let's get an update with the weather. good morning erica. >>darya: we have a very windy day ahead of us. guilt force wind warnings for the north bay mountains east bay hills and with the
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advisories for the bay area as well. sustained winds at about 80 mi. per hour. half moon bay. 12 mi. per hour leaving about. not too bad in the east bay interior spots. i want to talk about some of the strongest wind gusts we are seeing right now. half moon bay with us of 35 mi. per hour. 36 along the optima past where you will certainly want to drive with extra caution this morning. the wind will be a big factor throughout the day. we are talking this wind advisories in effect for 6:00 tonight. here's a live look outside from our mount tam cam you can see the camera is shaking around this morning. as we head into the afternoon, we will continue with gusty conditions and cooler temperatures as well. upper 50s for most of us. mountain view 58, san jose with a
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high of 58 degrees. as we turn our attention to the east bay richmond can pick up 60. 50 mi. per hour in walnut creek and mainly sunny skies. downtown san francisco will also remain in the upper 50s. we will see a reading of 59 in berkeley so temperatures pretty much where they should be for this time of year. the wind will certainly take off as we head into tomorrow but will be left with cooler conditions. mt. pleasant weather returns for the week and it looks like a string of sunshine will carry us into christmas day. as for traffic around the bay area, we are not monitoring any hot spots. quickly looking at some of the bridges. the chp has posted wind advisories for a couple of the bridges. we are talking and normally when but it's more so an northwesterly wind. you may not feel the impact as much. people have been writing and saying it's actually not that when the at the bay bridge this morning, but still keep a
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firm grip on the steering well as your drive and across the span. centel bridge is also included under that when the advisory the traffic is very light. the traffic on the right hand side. the live look at interstate 680. those tillites rally in the southbound direction. for the traffic maps, about 15 minutes ago i was following a report of a large box stuck into lanes the size of a refrigerator. south about 880 at the montague expressway. it looks like that's been cleared. us to focus our attention on east bound traffic. you are good to go with top speed for your ride to go at westbound 580 the optima past towards livermore is smooth. >>james:a san francisco elementary school has been dealing with a lot of angry emails and calls for the past week and it is all because of an online hoax. an article appeared on a humor and news website called the national report, claiming that a nine- year
4:52 am
old boy had been suspended from school for saying "merry christmas" to a teacher. the story was completely made up but the school named in the article is similar to aragonne elementary school in the city's richmond district. and that school became the target when the story went viral. the school got so many calls that staff had to set up a recorded message. explaining that the story was fake. the school also had to bring in extra security because some of the messages were somewhat threatening. the district says it is glad people now know that the controversy was made up.
4:53 am
santa clara county has approved a study of its jails. the focus will be on improving inadequate facilities and dealing with the growth of inmates with longer sentences. the county board of supervisors will spend $500,000 from a state trust fund to pay for the research. the county is concerned about the lack of maximum security housing, the increase of older detainees with chronic diseases and other problems since a 2011 state realignment policy that shifted low-level offenders from state prisons to county jails.
4:54 am
in san jose homeowner is asking the public for help to identify a woman they believe stole christmas packages from their front porch. this video was taken on a surveillance camera tuesday afternoon at home on lincoln avenue at norval way. the home owner says, the woman is seen walking to the front door putting christmas packages in a shopping bag. the walking away. the packages had just been delivered 22 minutes earlier. if the homeowner says the woman was driving a white sedan. san jose police say they have no leads and homeowner zero hopes posting a video on you to go help. we'll be right back. ♪
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top stories we are following on this thursday december 19th. >>james:loved ones gather at a church vigil for a 13- year-old girl on life support. after her tonsil surgery takes a tragic turn. we'll have the latest on the story. plus. >>darya: watch out for the win today. hey erica. >>erica: these northwesterly winds are approaching. as we
5:01 am
take a look at what's on tap for the rest of the day, it's not until the afternoon. that's when the wind really picks up. we're talking the possibility of guilt force winds. the strongest winds and the east bay hills. by 6 this evening, the wind advisory officially expires, but we will still see wins. we could see down trees power lines, debris in the road all certainly a possibility. i'll have more on today's forecast coming up in 15 minutes. the morning george. >>george: of wind advisories are in place for the san mateo bridge and bay bridge the light traffic in both. we are looking at lighter than usual traffic this morning. and light conditions through the south bay on the peninsula. for
5:02 am
your north bay ride as well >>james: breaking news out of oakland where a car crash has sparked a fire at a gas station. kron4's mike pelton is live on the scene with the latest. >>: there's still a lot of mess to clean up on the intersection of 98. into the car that smashed through to gas pumps. take a look at some video from gus a short time ago. fire officials tell me this began around 220 this morning when alameda county sheriff's officers attempted to make a traffic stop. authorities say that the " fled and headed west on 98th avenue smashing through to gaston's igniting a fire. residual fuel continued to burn permits about 20 nearby residents were evacuated. they're now clear to return
5:03 am
home. officials remain on st waiting for a company that services the station to isolate the 2 lbs.. this intersection will remain closed. this is at 98 avenue and and eades. according to tell me they believe they have both those people apprehended. they will remain here on the scene for several more hours. >>darya:a car crash has ignited a the fire. family, friends and the well-wishers held a vigil held for a 13-year-old teenager on life support. its been nearly a week since jahi mcmath went into children's hospital oakland for a routine tonsillectomy and ended up on life- support. hundreds of supporters gathered at paradise baptist church in oakland last night to show their
5:04 am
respect and to partake in a vigial. cameras were not allowed but when the vigil was over, jahi's mother came out and spoke about her daughter. >>: please keep rain. don't give up on my baby. she will wake up. i don't have a doubt. the doctors don't know. they don't know. god has the final say. the attorney said the next that is to get access to her medical records. a huge story that's affecting millions of people. the shop at target? of course you do. kron4's will tran is live at the target and emeryville with more. what are the
5:05 am
dates we are looking at here. >>will: we are talking the day of thanksgiving through this past sunday. if he shot at target. any target in the bay area. there are 1800 target stores throughout the country. if you shop between those days you are advised to monitor your bank account very closely because you could be one of the millions of potential victims. according to security experts, they believe whoever is doing this. they did not do this directly at the stores were they installed skimmers but this is much more sophisticated. they hacked into targets network and access information from the credit cards, debit cards. they possibly could have your pin number, your address. your 3 digit security code on the back of your credit card and they could possibly make fake credit cards to complete shopping. target has jumped all over this as well as the federal government and secret service. here's the
5:06 am
target website. they also have notices going around. they have affirmation on their website. we also have a hot line that's been established. if you believe you are a victim, contact target, your bank. if you want to contact target first. we have that for you on >>darya: this curious bank is sometimes you don't notice things for months. we don't know where these part numbers are going. if they're going overseas are back or where. it could be months from now. >>will: thanks for the scare darya. i checked on line so far so good for me. they know how long this is going to last. if he did not see anything happen on your
5:07 am
account between those days and you're a clear he does have to be patient and monitor your information. did the ball rolling to get your money back if you have realized you were a victim. >>darya: thanks a lot will. >>james: bart and its two
5:08 am
largest unions are meeting again today after failing to resolve the dispute over unpaid family leave clause in the contract. the unions approve a contract with that clause in it. but then the bart board members on-- unilaterally removed the clause before giving their approval. they said the cause was a mistake. and now the bart board also has a problem with its contract with another union. the district says the tentative agreement reached with afscme and approved by the union which represents
5:09 am
about 220 meant well managers, contains an incorrect date relating to a change in the medical insurance program for retirees. the district 1 to this so-called mistake change. the union says they're not interested. >>mark: workers have finished a permanent fix for problem bolts on the new east is that of the bay bridge. the war cost about $25 million, which is about twice the amount that transportation officials predicted when the bolt problem was discovered in the spring. in march, nearly one-third of the 96 boats that secured earthquake shock absorbers known as share keys to the deck of the bridge filled when there were tightened. good morning nelly! woah.
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>>darya: we are still waiting for the bay area winner of tuesday's $636 million maximilian drawing. --megamillion. the other winner from stone mountain georgia has identified herself. the winning ticket was sold at jenny's gift shop on tully road. and for that debt-for selling that
5:14 am
ticket, the owner of the store gets $1 million. as you might imagine he's one happy guy. >>: i don't know what to say or do. i'm so happy. >>darya: as for that winning ticket. it's worth about $324 million before taxes. but if the winner opts for the lump-sum payout, they're but if the winner opts for the lump-sum payout, they're looking at a check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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welcome back. we have a wind advisory in effect until 6:00 p.m.. keep that in mind as you head out. it is a breezy start your thursday like i mentioned, it will only current up as we head into the afternoon. wind advisories for the north bay mountain and east bay hills. with this, guilt forest lands. i would be surprised if you have any down trees, downed power lines. by 7:00 this morning, it will be a little breezy and take a look at the wind speeds. prolate strongest along the coast line. -probably. by 3 this afternoon, that's when the bus will pick up. --gus. --gusts. essex this evening
5:19 am
of wind advisories is officially expired but we are still talking very windy conditions for those of you along the coast and for some of the east bay and to rear spot for it expects when the conditions throughout the day. the wind really ramped all by later this afternoon. four-o'clock, 24 mi. per hour wind. we would even see a 80 mi. per hour winds and san francisco treat all the advisory expires at 6:00 p.m. very gusty conditions along the delta. let's talk about temperatures for today. expect a cooler afternoon. in fact, most locations in the debt-where they should be for this time of year. 57 in fremont. similar conditions in the east bay. more sunshine
5:20 am
today and the wind mixing the air around. this is the first day that we are not tracking a spare the air alert so the beer can be a lot cleaner this afternoon. richmond a high of 60. upper 50s for san francisco low 60s over and oakland. your 7 day around the bay forecast how like a frigid start to your morning. a cool afternoon and it looks like mild weather. pleasant conditions not only into the weekend but that pattern will carry us into christmas day. the time now is 523 on to traffic with the george. >>george: thanks erica parade and easy ride so far this morning. progressively day today with all watching traffic lights around the bay area. we expected to stay this way through the holiday period here at the bay bridge, and easy ride on your approach. no backups or delays. there are wind advisories posted for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. no evidence yet that it's a big problem. erica says the plans will
5:21 am
pick up as the day moves on crete and 98th avenue just east of interstate 880 right here shut down because of the fire that kron4's mike pelton has been talking about. again that to us here a long the east side of the freeway. this is a popular route the specially to get between interstate 580 and interstate 880. no need to use that as an alternate this morning. looking at the rest of the east bay ride, a small commute still for interstate 580. very little slow traffic through the altamont pass. south bay freeways look great. we are problem free care and the north bay ride is still under 25 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: 521. new this morning.
5:22 am
5:23 am
new this morning, the patriarch of a a &e's duck dynasty is in trouble this morning with the network after making anti-gay remarks in the january edition of gq magazine. bill robertson--phil robertson was asked his definition of sinful behavior and he said " start with homosexual behavior in just more out- morph out from there. " the network suspended roberts and this morning. the network also released a statement saying they are disappointed to have read the comments which are not reflected in the series.
5:24 am
>>mark: a diplomatic problem between the united states and india. >>: she was handcuffed, strips searched, put in a cell with other people and treated like an ordinary u.s. citizen charged with a crime. the fact is, she isn't an ordinary u.s. citizen. she's a diplomat with in any-immunity and she could never have been treated this way. " and >>darya: indians foreign minister-india's foreign minister has demanded that the united states dropped a case against the indian diplomat would strip searched after being arrested in new york city. searched after being arrei've got one word for you... five year plan.
5:25 am
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a day on wall street yesterday. the dow jones
5:27 am
industrial average soaring 293.3 in a record high for the dow and a new record high for the s&p. as we climb to back over the previous highs after a pretty disappointing december. the big announcement from the fed. ben bernanke announcing his last meeting as chairman. that the fed would start tapering. $85 billion a month bond buying program. the fed now with a four trillion balance sheet. with that tapering going on is some certainty for the market. the fed started to wind down in tapir. it stimulus program. also a big part of that announcement is that they will keep interest rates and record lows unchanged for the foreseeable future. after yesterday's big rally in looks like a flat day today. keeping a close eye of facebook shares. a big drop in the overnight trading 70 million shares hitting the market. 27 million of them are new offering from
5:28 am
facebook as ceo mark zuckerberg selling 41.4 million shares. he's going to raise $2.3 billion for himself today to brief for not in the free market we are seeing the shares of 5320. that's down 4% if fan if the line >>darya: 528 right now grid we will continue our look at developing news, weather and traffic on this thursday morning as a continual on the kron4 morning news. for this story out of oakland. we are live on the scene of a crash. a car crashed into a gas pump at the station. we will have the details in a few minutes.
5:29 am
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5:31 am
dui. the bmw as uv say that the " smashed into to gas pumps. a huge mess here at the '76 gas station at the corner of 98th avenue and eases. the alameda county sheriff to permit tried to make a traffic stop when the driver of that bmw as he sped off. the driver ignited to-and a fire when he struck to gas pumps. the fire crews say they have made progress so far this morning. >>: currently we have been able to mitigate the residual lead and a residual vapors. the men and women of the oakland fire department were able to put down a phone blankets to isolate the fire and then used a plug to go ahead and kept off the remaining papers that were leaking out of the
5:32 am
vent pipes. malign them as a precaution, oakland police did evacuate 20 people in a nearby apartment complex just to be cautioned. they're continuing to keep them out. despite which are seen, both men managed to flee from the car. authorities said they did track them down. and the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui. authorities still have this intersection shutdown. keep that in mind for your morning commute. there could be a few hours. back to you. >>james: at 532 let's find out about weather and traffic. here's erica with our thursday forecast. off to a when the start. >>: that's right james. it is breezy. >>erica: especially with the coastal waters. 10 mi. an hour wins in nevada and santa rosa. that's really the extent of its right now. just a little breezy for the rest of us. the wind will
5:33 am
pick up later on today. in fact, by noon, we are talking breezy in spots. a 20 mi. per hour sustained winds. by 3 this afternoon, the gus will pick up. we could see 30 mi. per hour gusts up along the delta. by 6 this evening the wind advisories that are currently in place will start to expire but when the conditions between nine and 26 mi. per hours will persist. i will talk about the strongest winds coming up in about 15 minutes. good morning george. >>george: kron4. home of the hot spot. nobody is home this morning in wind advisory is in affect at the bay and san mateo bridge. the only real change received the last 25 minutes in some congestion on interstate 580 in the westbound on altamont commute. but it's still a little lighter than usual. but the light traffic around the rest of the bay area only on kron4. in a store
5:34 am
you'll only see on kron4. the ferel pigs problem in san ramon terry ranch subdivision has not gone away. frustrated home owners say these picks continue to destroy their lawns. in recent weeks, at least for front yards were damaged back in september the pigs caused such a ruckus in this neighborhood that a private trapper was brought in to take care of the problem. the city says that county trapper has been keeping a close eye on the problem for the past three months. in that time, no picks have been caught but those living here haven't had problems until now. city officials and private truckers will put an estimate on the number of remaining hogs but do say they're likely out there in the open hills near these homes. >>: we need the city's help. we can't do this ourselves. the pigs are ruining our
5:35 am
yards. we all know what we are going to do. trapper said the pigs are likely to come back in the future because the pigs are looking for food. >>darya: i thought raccoons were >>darya: a san francisco element is school has been dealing with a lot of angry mills and calls for the past week and it's all because of a online hoax. an article appeared on a hammer and news website called the national report, claiming that a nine year-old boy had been suspended from school for st. " merry christmas " to a teacher. the story was completely made up of the school named in the article is similar to aragonne
5:36 am
elementary school in the city's richmond district. and vesco became the target on the story went by roper it the school got so many calls the staff had to set up a recorded message explaining that the story was fake. the school also have to bring in extra security because some of the messages were somewhat threatening. the district says it is black people now know that the controversy was made up for it >>james: a 36 year-old richmond man has been convicted of orchestrating the gang rape of a woman who was targeted in part because she is a lesbian. jurors deliberated for about eight hours before finding humber tell--humberto salvador guilty of rape, kidnapping and other charges. the jury's verdict included a crime enhancements because of the role the victim's sexual orientation played in the attack on the richmond street five years ago. the victim, now 33, testified earlier this month that
5:37 am
during the assault salvador kept asking if she liked men. >>darya: two men are under arrest on suspicion of child cruelty after authorities found the body of 17 year- old girl in a stream and the sierra national forest grid search rescue crews found the body of tara mcgwire-- maguire of simi valley near the rock creek campground. madera county sheriff's deputies responded to a call for help from a stranded motorist monday and were told by 20 year-old scott mason and 18 year-old jacob banaga that maguire had been missing for about 24 hours. authorities say both men and knowledge been on a multi day methamphetamine binge.
5:38 am
investigators are still determining how she died. >>james: governor jerry brown is convening a task force to help determine whether a statewide drought declaration is warranted. the governor asked staff from state water, agriculture and emergency services agencies to meet every week to help strengthen drug operations and advise him on the steps. while the drought has not been declared, 2014 is expected to be the third straight year with low rainfall. >>mark: the agency runs the state's health insurance exchanges scrambling to correct a technical problem that left blank spaces and eligibility notices mailed to nearly 140,000 households. this lead to confusion just days ahead of the application deadline. the botched not-notices were
5:39 am
mailed between november 27th and december 7th. there was a december 15th deadline to have coverage in place by january 1st. the notices went to people what kind of the state's role out of the federal affordable care act were deemed eligible for coverage. the big state that everyone should be aware of. february 14th, to the 14th. the date by which most people must sign up and pay for coverage so that it kicks and by nextel line march 31st to avoid facing a tax penalty of $95 for individual adults or 1% of their income which ever is individual adults or 1% of their income which ever is higher. let's t thwholstor individual adults or 1% of their income which ever is highin tir sckin sohey n dony othis wi the. ft cds. buy th onle ort e ho dep.
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>> welcome back. check out this video of a violent confrontation on the seattle bus.
5:43 am
>> it shows passengers getting robbed at gunpoint. that is until they decided to fight back and stop the suspect. police said that the man with the gun in this case, at the bottom of a pile is 19 year-old trevo nnte brown. the video shows from moving farther up the bus and pulling the gun again. passengers hailed the man down until police arrived. >> brown is 19 years old and is a recent high-school graduates. he has no criminal history. he has pleaded not guilty to all charges. he could face up to 15 years.
5:44 am
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[ donkey brays ] [ man ] two minute tea time. [ female announcer ] for a little oomp try new lipton natural energy te [ donkey brays >> welcome back. the christmas travel season is under way at sfo. friday is expected to be the busiest
5:47 am
travel day of the christmas holiday today is said to be the second busiest day. no. show that there are more people traveling this year than last. more than 121,000 people were projected to travel through s.f. o yesterday. that number is up from 106,000 travelers last year. >> keeping our eyes on gas prices this morning. many of you will be taking a road trips instead of flying. in san francisco is at $3.64. in oakland the average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.55. in san jose the average is $3.54. >> the wind is approaching from the north. there are a lot of people that are enjoying the wind but it is out there. the winds will
5:48 am
crank up for the afternoon. it is just a little breezy. here's a live look from the roof cam. let's talk about the bust.ugust. as we head into the 7:00 a.m. hour it would be breezy conditions but it will be clear. as we head into afternoon that is when the wind speeds will pick up 21 mi. per hour along the coast and 25 mi. for the delta. by 6:00 p.m. that is when the wind advisory will expire. we're still talking wind speeds between 15 to 68 mi. per hour. >> by lunchtime was start to
5:49 am
pick up in the delta of towards an act of. gusty conditions for concord and livermore. the we will continue with windy conditions by the time these advisory expire but it will taper off later on tonight. here is a look at the temperatures now we're off to a pretty nice start. most of us are above freezing. fairfield is at 37 degrees. for the afternoon mainly 50's for everyone. san jose will have a high of 58 similar weather for the east bay. walnut creek will have a high of 58. you can thank the wind for better air quality. we do not have a spare and the air alert to an affect. >> here is a litigious 7
5:50 am
their bombe again, it will be your 7 day around the bay. it will be a frigid morning. the time now is 5:50 a.m.. we were not checked wrote with george. maligne have awill check the ron with george. >> the center line is the one okay and we're still looking at lighter than usual traffic as well as a the san mateo bridge, highway 92. it is 11 minutes to foster city. we're of that in the east bay ride is still 14 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the san ramon valley commute, in
5:51 am
a state 680 is 16 to 17 minutes as you head out to dublin. we're starting to get slowing for the drive time there. the south bay commuters looking gray with no problems or delays. the marin bread is looking good with no delays or problems for 1 01 southbound. >> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> at first glance it appears set the security guards are delivering can goods in san francisco. >> let's go back a few, you see these cans were left on the side of the building because that are not wanted in fact a lot of this food was not wanted. >> why would people get in line to get fooled if they are not in need food if they art
5:52 am
needed? >> let me explain in the simplest way. this church located here, every year they hand out cans of full for people in need, that is a good thing. >> after some people get their food, they quickly sell the contents for $5 pripet i know what your thinking, that can do what they want and you are correct accept accept, noticed s lady, she sees me recording as she tries to hide it. >> there are released by beck's here. people are getting in line and multiple times to get this free bag of food. >> they carry backpacks,
5:53 am
suitcases so they can load and return >> . they take the unwanted items out. >> we have a lot of people in san francisco that are really hungry, they could use this pole. >> it gets worse. some of this will never go to some unstable. some of it would just end up in a landfill. >> they're tossing what they do not need or cannot sale. i will show you. >> if that is not the purest form of people behaving badly bin i did not know what it is. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news.
5:54 am
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>> welcome back. a quick sports updates. college basketball last night. a big early season win for stanford. >> taking on the 10th ranked you uconn. johnny dawkins
5:57 am
his cargo down 12 early in the second half before battling back. stanford wins 53-51. pulling off the upset on the road. handling the huskies their first loss of the season. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. we have a gas pump fire in oakland. we will have more on that story. >> a reality start is out of the job this morning after he comments about lgbt
5:58 am
community. we will tell you what this adult dynasty duck dyr had to say.
5:59 am
6:00 am
a man ignites a fire at a gas station. >> and progress is being made in fighting the big sur we'll tell you when crews hope to have it fully contained. >> there is a major security breach. we will tell you what's going on coming up. >> we're talking about the weather and the wind is going to pick up. >> it is not too bed and we did have light rain overnight. take a look at the wind speed is 18 mi. per hour winds. it is 10 mi. per hour in about snovato. it isll


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